Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Defending someone in a criminal case carries with it tremendous responsibility: a person’s freedom. Having an experienced attorney by your side is the only guarantee you will have that you are being treated fairly and getting the best result. Our attorneys have over 15 years of criminal defense experience in both Federal and State cases. We can assist you in misdemeanors (when charged carry up to 364 days of jail sentence) and major crimes (Felonies). Whether accused of theft, battery, domestic violence, burglary, possession of a controlled substance, etc., we can assist you and guide you through the process. Additionally, our attorneys understand the special needs of international clients who face criminal charges.


When a person experiences psychological or physical injury due to the actions of another person (or business) , this is called Personal injury. When an accident happens on the job, this is called workers compensation.

In both of these cases, you may bring a claim against the person and/or entity at fault for an assortment of damages including loss in income, medical expenses, disability, as well as pain & suffering. These cases are usually taken in a contingency manner, i.e. if we don’t win, you do not pay!


Immigration/International Law

Cicero Vargas offers multilingual services in both public and private international law (Hague Convention cases and International Human Rights Law). We advise individuals, governments and private companies in the U.S. and abroad.

We have a vast immigration practice, including family based petitions, business visas, deportation defense and naturalization.

DUI and Traffic

Our attorneys have developed a practice representing individuals with traffic issues. We have represented many people without driver’s licenses and understand the dynamics of the immigration process plays in these cases. We can also advise you on a long term strategy to defend these types of cases and re-instate your license. We offer our Driving Under the Influence (DUI) clients a proven trial record and plea negotiation skills to help put them in the best position to resolve their matter.

Driving Under The Influence

Corporations & Contracts

We have ample experience representing many small and medium size businesses. We can help you buy, create or sell a business. We can assist you in franchising or structuring investment documents for raising capital for your venture. We can help you with partnerships and in the negotiation process. We can review and structure contracts, including leases for your business. We can help you buy or sell real estate property. We offer business litigation and also Mediation for business disputes. We serve as outside counsel to many businesses in the Chicagoland region and also in international business ventures.

Real Estate and Bankruptcy

Our firm provides many other services. Among them is Bankruptcy, an area that has grown tremendously given the unfortunate economic climate. We have helped many individuals get back on track.

Real Estate is an area that was booming a few years ago and as a result our Firm grew in knowledge. We still have a busy real estate practice and can assist both businesses and individuals with their real estate needs, whether they are selling, purchasing or leasing. We can also assist you in more complex issues including zoning and condo conversions projects.

Our attorneys currently serve as consultants in business and government affairs, both locally and internationally


Our Mediators have been offering mediation services for many years and are certified through the Center for Conflict Resolution. Mediation focuses in helping the parties come to a result that will address their NEEDS. Often what a Party states they want is not necessarily what they really need. Parties may take a position on an issue and never address what actually brought them into conflict. Our Mediators are also attorneys and have successfully helped many businesses and individuals resolve their conflicts satisfactorily.


Our Attorneys have helped many families in their transition with Divorce, Custody and Child-support issues.  We have also developed a practice area with intra-family kidnapping of children (Hague Convention petitions) and are a US Department of State recognized firm in that area.

Nuestros abogados pueden ayudarlo con su caso de Divorcio, custodia o manutención. Asimismo, tenemos una práctica en casos de peticiones de rapto intra-familiar (Peticiones de la Haya) y hemos sido designados por el Departamento de Estado de EE.UU. como una de las firmas calificadas para dar esa asesoría.

Why Choose Us – Porque Nosotros?

      • Our prices are fair and we give very generous payment options and plans
      • Our attorneys have a solid track record
      • All of our attorneys are bilingual and bicultural
      • Most of our clients are referred by former clients
      • We are committed to the public interest (and when make the news is for the good work we do)

What Client’s Say – Que Dicen?

I nominated Cicero Law Firm for the Reflejos excellence award because he is a phenomenal lawyer (and I see him on TV all the time)
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